About NJ Architecture

A building is a story of a family, a neighborhood, a city, and of all the people whose hearts and souls are attached to it. The architects unravel in stone their tale of living, working, imagining the future and the past. Old and new buildings, or details of interior design – we create them to reflect your sense of beauty, peace, and happiness.  NJ Architecture (NJA) is a London based architectural design studio with experience on both new-build and refurbishment projects for modern buildings and houses. NJA was founded in 2014 by Nahed Jawad Chakouf. At NJA we are attentive to achieve an exceptional architecture and have established our methodology to guarantee that each design reveals the distinctive client and environment of each project. Our practice focuses on accomplishing pioneering, elegant, and contemporary design within each project.

TeaM Members

Nahed Jawad Chakouf

Nahed is an architectural designer and academic with over 15 years of experience in architectural practice in the UK.Before founding NJ Architecture in 2014, Nahed has worked for an award-winning architectural practice, Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA), London where she was part of the team of KAPSARK, Signature towers, Elk Grove Civic Centre.
Nahed received her Master’s in Architecture and Urbanism from the Architectural Association (AA), London, and a PhD in Architecture from the Bartlett school of Architecture, UCL, London. The focus was on 3D geometrical patterning and computational design. Since 2015, Nahed has been lecturing extensively at numerous institutions including at the Bartlett School of Architecture, and at Central Saint Martins (UAL).
Nahed’s ambition is to inform a new kind of architectural language, that combines the endless possibilities of computational design with ancient methods of geometric patterning; in order to create a truly timeless architecture that combines history and tradition with innovation and ingenuity.

Matthew Johnston

Over the course of his career, Matthew has worked for number of award-winning architectural practices including two of the world’s most renowned design offices: UN Studio and Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA).
During his time at UN Studio, Matthew worked on both the World Trade Centre Competition and the Mercedes-Benz Museum. However, his principal involvement was with the recently completed Arnhem Centraal Masterplan, where he formed part of a small team that was responsible for masterplan coordination as well as for the design and execution of the project’s centerpiece, the Transfer Hall.
Matthew has developed the unique set of skills that allow him to deal with complex geometries. These include both advanced 3D modelling and parametric design techniques, as well as an advanced understanding of how to work with both structural and services engineers in order to create fully integrated designs.

Alda Coelho

Alda Coelho is a registered Architect (ARB) and a sustainability and lighting consultant with extensive experience in sustainable and retrofit design practices. She received her Diploma in Architecture from the University of Oporto, Portugal and a Masters in Sustainable Environmental Design from the Architectural Association, London.Alda has over 10 years of experience in architectural practice in both Portugal and the UK.
Before joining NJA team as a consultant, she worked at Arboreal Architecture, London, leading innovative sustainable retrofit and new-build projects in London and Scotland. She is
a Certified Passive House Designer and is currently undertaking a Masters in Light and Lighting at University College London. She has published articles with the International Planning History Society and lectured on energy use in buildings at Westminster University, London.

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